Well, if you want to improve your health, get stronger and eventually conquer That Plank ..all the while be challenged in a dynamic and fun environment!  Then I humbly suggest that you sign up for one of Tobi's classes as she is One-Of-The-Best. She is an excellent role model and a woman.  She is one who has faced up to and  successfully dealt with many of the challenges that we all face. She is strong, she is graceful, she is determined and she makes exercise challenging, yet fun. I am very thankful that our paths crossed so many years ago.  I have come away as a better person for having known her.

Dan Winfield, Psychologist New York, NY  

Dan Winfield, Psychologist
New York, NY


Ranjini Narayanamurti Norwalk, CT

Ranjini Narayanamurti
Norwalk, CT

I have practiced various styles of yoga on and off for years in many different studios. I find myself extremely fortunate to be a student of Carl's. He combines his mindful meditation with a beautiful vinyasa flow. His classes are always challenging and you leave feeling grateful, connected and at peace. Carl has an ease and energy about him that is rare. I tell everyone I know to experience one his classes is a blessing.

Tobi is a huge inspiration to me. Her instruction has helped me to grow as an instructor myself as well as personally in life. She gives an amazing mind body experience in her classes. She pushes you to find your limits while adhering to proper form. Tobi makes you realize you are important and it's important to take time out for you in order to be able to give to yourself fully and in a positive way.

Dana Parker, Physical Therapist Fort Collins, CO

Dana Parker, Physical Therapist
Fort Collins, CO

Geoff Eddy New Rochelle

Geoff Eddy
New Rochelle

I have been practicing yoga asana for eleven years, most of that time practicing five to six days a week.  I have been through many hundreds of hours of yoga teacher trainings, including three trips to India, and taught yoga in Arizona prisons for 2.5 years.  Carl is a gifted teacher, possessing great attention to alignment, recognition of the personal ability and needs of each practitioner, a sense of humor, and a strong personal yoga practice.  Good teachers like Carl push their students to new heights all the while being careful to prevent injury and bad yoga habits.  It is no wonder many are eager to attend Carl's classes.  

I first met Tobi Kundid in 2006.  I was immediately taken by her dynamic presence and teaching style. I said to myself, "this is a powerhouse of a woman! I must take as many classes as possible with her and I must make her my friend." I managed to do both. I am fortunate to know Tobi both as a gifted and committed fitness and yoga instructor, as well as a dear friend. Her soul is deep and her talents are many. She has an innate ability to move you beyond what you thought were your physical and spiritual limits. Her energy and positive attitude has inspire me to work hard and strive for the right balance of spiritual awareness and physical strength.

Lara Held, Art Teacher Wallkill, NY

Lara Held, Art Teacher
Wallkill, NY

Denise Edkins Photography New Paltz, NY

Denise Edkins Photography
New Paltz, NY

Tobi is the perfect instructor! She is knowledgeable, patient, and maybe most importantly positive and enthusiastic. I always leave Tobi's class feeling like a better person. She integrates encouraging sayings and quotes with upbeat music and expert instruction. She cares and she REALLY knows her stuff. Thank you Tobi!   

Giovanna’s unique combination of skills, professionalism and commitment to sharing her knowledge with class members make her a star to emulate.  I am a dedicated Yogi now because I learned from Giovanna so much about the discipline from the many postures that she demonstrated so well, and from her personal devotion to teaching.  She makes it look easy and motivates her students to grow and learn because of her expertise from years of experience as a Fitness and Yoga teacher, and her personal satisfaction in assisting those who wish to develop their practice.

Karen Quinlin Norwalk, CT  

Karen Quinlin
Norwalk, CT


Pam Uihlein Grafton, WI

Pam Uihlein
Grafton, WI

Tobi is one of the most inspirational and gifted instructors I have ever encountered. Her ability to connect with and motivate her students is an innate gift that she shares from a space of strength, love and compassion. I am forever grateful for the time I spent as one of Tobi's students. The lessons I learned about myself are still with me every day as I continue to evolve and express the EMPOWERED woman that she helped me find. THANK YOU TOBI!!

Stephanie's expertise, gentleness, and ability to address the varying needs of her class participants has allowed me to restart my yoga practice.

CS Westchester, NY

Westchester, NY

MB Westchester, NY

Westchester, NY

I have been taking Stephanie's Yoga for Back Care class since it started in October, and I look forward to going every week.  Stephanie is such a knowledgable, caring instructor - and her class is extremely enjoyable and therapeutic at the same time. It has helped me feel much better, and get back to my yoga practice after an injury. She is a wonderful teacher!  



I am so thankful to have met Tobi 7 years ago. To be in motion and share a room with her is to feel energized and strong! Tobi's knowledge of human movement is evident and her drive inspires me to follow my own passions. Tobi has not only reminded me that I have willpower, but to never stop working towards my goals.

Kristina Mehls, Fort Collins, CO

Kristina Mehls, Fort Collins, CO