Our Program:

Budding Buddhas is proud to bring a Kids Yoga Teacher Training to Tovami Yoga! This series of rigorous but joyful training will enrich any yogi’s life, while equipping you with the tools to cultivate mindful movement with children. 

The program structure provides space and opportunity for participants to build their knowledge and expertise of bringing yoga and mindfulness to children ages 2 - 10


Mar 14 | 11:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Mar 15 | 11:00 AM - 6:00 pm

Total Hours: 13


Cost: $300 by 3/1, $350 after

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Key features and resources of this program include:

  • Interactive training: practice teaching and get feedback

  • Integration of relaxation techniques

  • Lesson Plans

  • Budding Buddhas Kids Yoga Teacher Training Manual

  • Budding Buddhas Kids Yoga Teacher Training Certificate for Ages 2 - 10

Total: 13 hours (13 YA CE credit hours available for this training)


  • Tapping into your inner Budding Buddha share your joy with the children in your life

  • Create your own community of Budding Buddhas Kids with our New Kids Yoga Teacher Training

  • Build confidence and connection, as well as learn how to grow as an effective kids yoga teacher

  • Tap into your limitless potential to infuse yoga and mindfulness into your life

  • Bring peace, yoga & mindfulnesss into your life, while learning tips to be an empathetic, open kids yoga leader

  • Join a community of educators and yoga teachers inspired to teach and learn for peace and love

Through this training, participants will learn:

  • tools to teach kids yoga and mindfulness in classroom, private setting or at home

  • how yoga and mindfulness can help with kids social and emotional growth

  • breath work and techniques to use for calming and focus

  • age appropriate yoga poses and mindfulness techniques

  • kids yoga partner poses, group poses & group games

  • classroom management skills

  • how to integrate props and music into yoga instruction

  • the importance of sequencing and how to do it properly

  • how to structure lessons and classes to focus on the complete physical, mental, emotional, and social well being of students


Our Teacher

Susan Fried

Led by Susan Fried, Owner/Director of Budding Buddhas Children’s Yoga and Mindfulness, this training will allocate significant time to sequencing classes, incorporating age-appropriate themes, classroom management, teaching practice, and constructive feedback of each individuals teaching progress. It is designed for the practical application of teaching in homes, yoga studios, classrooms, and more as well as the personal employment for you and your family. You will gain concrete knowledge and extensive amounts of exceptional ideas to create an original, captivating and fun yoga experience for kids of all ages!