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Tobi Kundid's desire for community and staying true to the classical roots of yoga led her to open Tovami Yoga Studio in Mamaroneck in January 2016. With a Master’s in Science, she brings 20 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, including practicing and teaching yoga in Colorado, New Paltz, Seattle and New York City. Recognized for her dynamic, sound and approachable manner, Tobi teaches a powerful and heartfelt practice that combines creative sequencing, a spirit of playfulness and a dose of inspiration.

3 fun facts about Tobi

1. Prior to owning Tovami Yoga, she was getting her PHD in Molecular Biology (we love geeks)

2. Tobi's Spirit animal is a Red-Tailed Hawk...are we surprised?

3. Her favorite place is Croatia for it's enriching deep culture & stunning landscape. Her favorite memory was the time she went fishing with her family in the crystal blue waters of the Adriatic with an impromptu swim fully clothed! She recalls seeing the sea urchin below, while a goat stood on the mountain above and the fragrant air of sage.


We respect each individual’s personal journey and are here to guide you every step of the way
— Tobi Kundid

Tovami means community - the name can’t be found in a dictionary, nor does it have a country of origin but has been created as a community, one letter, one idea, one person at a time. Like our community is unique. Like Yoga is special. The focus for us is on building this beautiful yoga community like Tovami as an ancient art in a new location.
— Tobi Kundid


What comes to mind when you think of yoga? People in outwardly impossible, perhaps wonky and pretzel-like physical postures? Well,you may be right.But, true yoga is so much more than just the asanas (postures) we mold our bodies into.

Derived from the Sanskrit word “yuj”, yoga means “to unite” or “integrate”, often translated as “yoke”. A 5000-year-old practice from India, this peaceful art is rooted in the practice of uniting the body and mind through breathing techniques, asanas and meditation. In this practice are a multitude of health benefits, including reduced anxiety, improved sleep, increased muscle tone and enhanced heart health.


Inhale, exhale

Classes at Tovami Yoga are infused with the most fundamental forms of yoga where we uphold the authentic practice of this beautiful art form while respecting its ancient roots. Our classes are carefully designed to extend beyond the physical aspects, to nurture genuine internal inspiration through an integrated mind-body-breath experience.